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Coaching Basketball Quiz

Coaches, this quiz will help you test your knowledge of Special Olympics Basketball.

1) The Basketball Skills Assessment Card is a useful tool for coaches because:

  • The Assessment Card helps coaches determine the events in which athletes will compete
  • The Assessment Card establishes athletes’ baseline training areas
  • The Assessment Card assists coaches in grouping athletes of similar ability into training teams
  • The Assessment Card measures athletes’ progression
  • The Assessment Card helps coaches determine athletes’ daily training schedules
  • All of the above
2) What Special Olympics basketball competition opportunity is most appropriate for an athlete who has slow reactions, is unable to dribble the ball for more than 10 meters, does not move to catch a slow moving ball, and does not actively participate in basketball practices?

  • 3 v 3 Basketball
  • Team Skills Basketball
  • Unified Sports Basketball
  • Individual Skills Contest
3) Stationary dribbling activities are recommended for athletes who:

  • Take too many dribbles
  • Push the ball too far in front of them
  • Don’t “protect” the ball when dribbling
  • All of the above
4) A target pass activity is recommended for athletes who:

  • Have a soft chest pass
  • Have a high bounce pass
  • Struggle to pass on-target
  • All of the above
5) Two key phrases to emphasize when teaching the two-handed bounce pass are:

  • Step and push, follow through
  • Hand behind, open door
  • Relax and give, protect
  • Give a target, get behind the ball
6) The repetitive jumping activity can be helpful for an athlete who:

  • Forgets to “box out” after a rebound
  • Struggles to hold onto the ball after a rebound
  • Loses balance as people move around him or her near the basket
  • Forgets to put his or her hands up when defending
7) During a frontcourt throw-in, the ball can be thrown __________.

  • Into the frontcourt
  • Into the backcourt
  • Into the frontcourt or backcourt
8) Unless it is deemed the player has gained an advantage, players are allowed to take _____ steps beyond what is ruled by FIBA as traveling.

  • One step
  • Two steps
  • Three steps
  • None of the above
9) Free throw shooters have _____ seconds to release the ball.

  • Three seconds
  • Five seconds
  • Ten seconds
  • Fifteen seconds
10) Special Olympics basketball referees enforce a rule that allows only five seconds of closely guarded play in front court.

  • True
  • False
11) Special Olympics basketball competitions begin with a:

  • Coin toss to determine first possession
  • Jump ball
  • Throw-in from the home team
  • Throw-in from the visiting team
12) A Unified Sports basketball roster consists of:

  • About eight athletes and two partners
  • About one athlete and nine partners
  • A proportionate number of athletes and partners

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