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Are you in? Are you a fan of dignity? Of acceptance? Of the humanity of all people, regardless of ability or disability? If so, it is time you joined our network of college and university students supporting Special Olympics.

Members of a Notre Dame unified sports team raise their arms together as part of a pre-game cheer

Notre Dame unified team leads a pre-game cheer. 

Activating College Students

SO College connects college students and individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport to build friendships and help lead the social justice movement of Special Olympics. Created by college students for college students the network seeks the membership of campuses that seek the common goals of enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and building a more accepting world for all.

Students sign a pledge to end use of the R-word at their school

Students at Slippery Rock University take the pledge to end use of the R-word at their school. 

Sports, Advocacy and Fun

SO College focuses on two main initiatives. The first involves  inter-collegiate sports: unified teams (composed of individuals with and without intellectual disabilities) competing against other unified teams from different colleges. The second initiative is Spread the Word to End the Word, an ongoing campaign to end the negative use of the R-word – retard(ed) – and raise awareness of its dehumanizing effects. In addition, many SO College chapters choose to add their own initiatives through additional sport, advocacy or fundraising components.

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Special Olympics change la vie des athlètes par la joie en sport. Aidez-nous faire la différence dans leurs vies.


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Special Olympics change la vie des athlètes par la joie de sport. Aidez-nous faire la différence dans leurs vies.



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“The SO College network unites college students and people with intellectual disabilities to enhance their lives through sports, friendship, advocacy and other activities. ”

SO College Mission

SO College State Map

Did you know SO College is in schools across the United States? Check out our state map to see where. 


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