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Regional President & Managing Director, Middle East/North African region


Ayman Abdel Wahab

Ayman Abdel Wahab

Ayman Abdel Wahab is Regional President & Managing Director of the Middle East/North Africa region. He was a successful businessman who, after a career in Egyptian multinational business and telecommunications corporations, started his own business. In 1997, he was elected to the Board of Directors of Misr Languages Schools, which also served as the headquarters for Special Olympics Egypt. After serving as a volunteer, he was named National Director of the Program in August 1998. Abdel Wahab focused on growth and from 2,240 athletes when he became National Director, Special Olympics Egypt increased its athlete count to more than 15,000 in just two years.

In 2000, Special Olympics chose Abdel Wahab to lead the Middle East/North Africa region. In his eight years as Regional President & Managing Director, the number of registered athletes has increased from 20,433 in 2000 to nearly 130,000 in 2007. The International Olympic Committee honored Abdel Wahab with its certificate of merit for his contributions in the field of intellectual disabilities in 2002. He was named to the Special Olympics International Executive Management Committee in 2003.

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