UAE Citizens Back P&G Step up for A Dream March

P&G Triggers Social Activity in Support of Children & Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in GCCS

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Marching with the drum beats

 Dressed in a unified spirit of solidarity and courage, residents and citizens of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities from across the four corners of the UAE gathered to partake in the “Step Up for a Dream” march; a community event organized by Procter & Gamble (P&G) Gulf, and aimed at boosting the public awareness over, and support of, Special Olympics Middle East and North Africa (SOMENA).

At Lulu Hypermarket in Barsha-Dubai, the march started at 7pm, where participants including Special Olympics athletes and representatives, accompanied by live drumming, marched through a specially designed archway, fitted with an infra-red sensor and a LED ticker. Each person that crossed the line was counted in what was seen as a symbolic step forward for the sake of children and adults with intellectual disabilities, marking the official launch of P&G’s annual campaign to raise funds for Special Olympics in the region.

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The march started at 7pm, where participants including Special Olympics athletes and representatives, accompanied by live drumming, marched through a specially designed archway, fitted with an infra-red sensor and a LED ticker.

 Under the motto "1 Step of Your Purchase = 1 Step of Their Excellence" displayed in various outlets partaking in the campaign across the GCCS, P&G will donate 3% of its sales from popular household brands such as: Tide, Ariel, Fairy, Head & Shoulders, Pert Plus, Herbal Essences, Pampers, Olay, Gillette, Braun, Oral B & Crest to the MENA region throughout the entire duration of the campaign.

Dina Galal, former Special Olympics Global Messenger said, “The most valuable outcome of partaking in this march was reflected in receiving outstanding encouragement from those marchers who walked alongside us. When the public support Special Olympics, they directly support the athletes. The more support Special Olympics provides us with, the greater our chance to fulfill all our dreams becomes, no matter how unachievable these dreams might seem at the beginning.”

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UAE athlete oversteps the "1 Step of Your Purchase = 1 Step of Their Excellence" mark  

 On her part, Brand Manager Lea Jarrar of P&G commended the event saying, “The march was an ideal move to nurture a spirit of community cohesion and friendship across all sectors of society. It was primarily designed to eliminate the barriers that sometimes grow between people. Walking together was a simple interpretation of the aim of the campaign and a perfect way to launch it… and with the P&G's extended reach region wide, we hope to draw the attention of many consumers to this important cause, and enable them to positively influence the lives of many individuals with intellectual disabilities around the Middle East.”

In his comment on the event, Managing Director Ayman Abdel Wahab of SOMENA said, “The Special Olympics movement's ultimate objective is to inflict a positive change on the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Middle East through boosting self-confidence, skills and acceptance.” Expressing utmost joy and pleasure over the campaign, Abdel Wahab further stated, "We are thrilled over P&G's active performance to support this cause, looking forward to reaching out and influencing the lives of even more athletes this year than ever before.”

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