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Regional Artistic Gymnastics Seminar, Italy

novembre 02, 2011

New Routines Introduced at Regional Artistic Gymnastics Seminar


23 representatives from 14 European countries attended the Regional Artistic Gymnastics Seminar in Genova, Italy on October 27-30.

The main objective of the seminar was to introduce new gymnastics routines and judging rules which will be in use until the 2019 World Games.  Unlike previous gymnastic seminars this was the first ever carried out where routines were still in draft form.  The new gymnastics routines are due to be finalised before the end of this month.

Seminar participants had the opportunity to listen to the theoretical elements of the new routines as well as participating in the practical side of the routines also.  Each participant carried out the routines at four different levels in four female and six male apparatus.

All participants expressed sincere appreciation and gratitude to Special Olympics Italy Sports Director, Paola Mengoni and her staff for the flawless planning and execution of the seminar.  Italian gymnastics coaches and judges Patrizia Bottaro, Deborah Pastorelli, Amanda Cavestro, Serennella Luigini, Rossana Remagiis were also highly praised by participants for their input, expertise and contribution to the seminar. 

Special Olympics Great Britain Gymnastics Coordinator and SOEE Gymnastics Advisor, Dave Balmer said, “This was a fantastic seminar, it was practical and I really feel like we demonstrated the new routines and rules effectively.  We certainly appreciate the great deal of time and effort that went into organising this seminar by Special Olympics Italy.” 

Gymnastics  is one of the most popular sports in the Special Olympics movement.  Currently there are 10,206 athletes particpating in gymnastics in Europe/Eurasia with a total of 42,206 athletes particpating worldwide.

The SOEE Regional Artistic Gymnastics Seminar was funded by the European Union.

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