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Special Olympics Reach Report

The 2014 Special Olympics Reach Report provides a summary of key programmatic results that were achieved within the Special Olympics Movement during the course of the year.

What is The Reach Report?

The Report. The 2014 Reach Report is available as a PDF for online viewing or download. 

The 2014 Special Olympics Reach Report is our annual review of key metrics compiled across our Movement to reflect the scale and status of our sports, education, health and community-building programs.

We've drawn on data from our annual census, health database, sport surveys and other new data sources. This report shows the profound impact of our work and is a progress report on our goals.

The report shows continuing growth in the Special Olympics movement in participating athletes, competitions, volunteers and revenues.  


Steady Growth. To give a snapshot of growth in a variety of Special Olympics efforts, we've created a 2014 Reach Report Infographic. 

In 2014, Special Olympics served 4,532,339 athletes worldwide, an increase of more than 105,170 athletes from 2013.

In the past year, the global Movement achieved a 2.4 percent athlete growth rate, and all seven of our world Regions reported positive athlete growth.

Our athletes are involved in an incredible number of competitions, from local team games up to country-level, regional and world competitions. There were 94,339 competitions worldwide in 2014, which averages out to an amazing 11 competitions per hour.

The report is full of interesting facts and information. If you are not already familiar with our international efforts, prepare to be amazed.


In addition to the one-page infographic highlighted above, there's a four-page version that describes many aspects of our 2014 programmatic results broken out according to our seven world regions. See the four-page infographic PDF.

And here's a fascinating way to see the data, through a Prezi, which is an animated and interactive reporting format. See the 2014 Reach Report Prezi.