Project UNIFY is for Students

Youth are leaders in promoting acceptance and respect for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Join the Project UNIFY® movement and become an agent of change in your community. 

Be a Leader

Are you ready to be an agent of change? Through Project UNIFY, you can become a youth leader by fostering involvement with Special Olympics in your school. The opportunities are endless when you are a youth volunteer with Special Olympics Project UNIFY. 


Unified Sports Opportunities

Want to start an inclusive sport team in your school? Want to create friendships and positive environments through the joy of sports? Start Unified Sports® in your school and help students with and without intellectual disabilities compete together. Take a look at our Unified Sports handbook.


Spread the Word: End the R-word

Spread the Word to End the Word is an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the word “retard(ed).” Join the global effort. Visit the Event Resources page on the R-word Website. Conduct an R-word campaign in your school. Learn how to respond to use of the R-word. Share the Time for Kids R-word poster toolkit with your school.



Spread the Word: Social Media

Through your personal online social networks, you can help share the message of Project UNIFY and spread dignity, acceptance and respect to your friends. Download the Social Media Resource Toolkit to learn more about activating social media in support of Special Olympics. And follow Special Olympics Project UNIFY on Facebook and Wordpress. Check out a great example of a school promoting Project UNIFY via the web from Mesa Middle School in Colorado.

Spread the Word: Videos

Special Olympics Project UNIFY and youth leaders around the country have created a collection of videos to help you share the message of acceptance and unity with students in your school.


Spread the Word: Games and Activities

Have fun while participating in Special Olympics Project UNIFY. Get involved with our Get Into It program and create your own Special Olympics story, send a greeting card to a friend or play our GII Games.

Your Donation Matters

Special Olympics transforms athletes’ lives through the joy of sport. Help us make a difference.


Volunteer Near You

Volunteering with Special Olympics is fun and very rewarding, for both the athlete and the volunteer!


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Videos and Photos

鼓舞人心的年轻人一项以青少年为中心的特奥会项目已在印度启动和运行。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

到达山顶乞力马扎罗山是新加坡特奥运动员的试验场。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

Deon Namiseb他是一位演说家,并且是偶像级人物。 但最初在纳米比亚的日子里,却并非如此。了解详情 »

Videos and Photos

非常特别音乐有助于特奥会在世界范围内发挥影响。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

世界各地特奥会活动和人们的精彩照片。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

变革中的合作伙伴特奥会合作伙伴对我们的工作至关重要。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

夏季体育运动在夏季,我们的运动员可以跑步、跳跃、游泳并获得相应得分。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

体育的力量体育是一种改变运动员生活的强大方式。查看幻灯片 »

Videos and Photos

不同Barry Cairns 说,患有智力障碍的人士如何能够成为运动员。观看视频 »

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Health Needs Need Closer Examination

"You can't compete if your feet hurt, if your teeth hurt or if your ears ache."read more »

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