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Floorball Girl Power

octubre 11, 2012

Special Olympics team Ume Flyers show off Girl Power at Floorball Women’s Champions Cup in the Umeå Arena, Sweden.

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(l-r) Elvira Lundström, Katarina Lindberg, Emma Norby, Johanna Fjallbjörk and Natalie Morin


Special Olympics Youth Female Floorball team, Ume Flyers, took to the court to play two demonstration matches on October 6th during the semi-final day of the IFF Floorball Women’s Champions Cup 2012 in the Umeå Arena in Sweden.
The young players from Ume Flyers have varying experience in Floorball, with some playing from up to 6-7 years and others playing just one year. But all have one thing in common – love of the Game.

Each gave their own account of the experience of playing in such an area before such a large crowd.

“The best thing about playing floorball is to meet friends and to get in good condition. I also like floorball because I get new experiences each day. In addition we have a great coach," said Emma Norby, a player with Ume Flyers.

The team trains floorball twice a week and for many of the girls their most treasured memory of floorball playing so far is from last year: "We won the series two with our "Girl Power" team and got the gold medals,”  Katarina Lindberg says proudly .

Enjoy images from their matches at the IFF Floorball Women’s Champions Cup 2012 here.

The IFF Floorball Champions Cup is the championship tournament for Europe’s Top Club teams. The tournament is played with 12 teams (6 men´s teams and 6 women´s teams). More information about IFF Floorball Champions Cup is available here 
Visit Ume Flyers homepage:
Ume Flyers contact: [email protected]

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