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Project UNIFY is for Special Olympics Programs

Using this collection of resources, Special Olympics Programs can work with students and educators in their cities and throughout their states to successfully implement Project UNIFY®. 

Project UNIFY Resources

Find everything you need to implement Project UNIFY in your home state, including initiative resources, marketing materials, financial documents, social media tools and more. Plus, learn more about having youth from your state represented on the National Youth Activation Committee.   


Project UNIFY in Action

Read through Social Inclusion Lessons From the Field to get a better understand of what Project UNIFY looks like in specific schools across the country. You will be amazed by the things that are being accomplished.


Impact & Success of Project UNIFY

In three completed years of Project UNIFY, we’ve achieved many amazing successes on the state and national level. Read about our most recent success in the 2009-2011 Project UNIFY Reach Report. Or learn more about Year 1 and Year 2 with the Year 1 Final Report, Year 2 Evaluation, Year 2 Final Report or Year 2 Examples of Impact.

Professional Development

Use these resources and webinars to learn more about the Project UNIFY movement and strengthen your personal and Program development. 


Promoting Inclusive Schools

Learn more about the standards and policies for Inclusive Schools with these important documents:


Resources from the Field

One of the best ways to develop your Project UNIFY Program is to learn from other programs across the country and see what they are creating to sustain their work with Project UNIFY. More resources are coming soon; however, you can check out the Project UNIFY Toolkit from South Carolina right now or see how Special Olympics Oregon conducted case study research to evaluate the effectiveness of Project UNIFY in the state.

Unite Behind Sports

Special Olympics Unified Sports® teams shatter stereotypes about people with intellectual disabilities in a fun and inclusive environment. 



Get in touch with Special Olympics near you and see what you can do to help. It's fun and can be life-changing. 


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Contact Information

Andrea Cahn
Senior Director, Project UNIFY
[email protected] 

Tracy DeVries
Director, Project UNIFY
[email protected]

Oscar Harrell
Sr. Manager, Project UNIFY Finance and Operations
[email protected]

Joanne Maldonado
Sr. Manager, Communications & Coordination, Project UNIFY
[email protected]

Sarah Wright
Sr. Manager, Educational Program Development Project UNIFY
[email protected] 

Brian Quinn
Manager, Youth Education & Unified Sports®, Project UNIFY
[email protected]

Rebecca Ralston
Manager, Youth Leadership, Project UNIFY
[email protected]

Jerry Holy
Coordinator, Project UNIFY
[email protected]

Haylie Bernacki
Specialist, Unified Sports® School & College Growth, Project UNIFY
[email protected]

“Awareness is spreading like wildfire and is evidenced by outcomes such as three Special Olympics athletes being selected as homecoming or prom kings in their respective schools.”

Tammy Peterson, Project UNIFY Director, Special Olympics Montana 


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