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September 14, 2012 | East Asia: China

The First Mianyang Special Olympics Games

By Wen Zhang

First Mianyang Special Olympics Games opened on September 7, 2012 in Mianyang City, China.

The First Mianyang Special Olympics Games opened on Sep. 7th in Mianyang City, China, hosted by Mianyang CDPF, Mianyang Disabled Persons Working Committee and Mianyang Sports Bureau. This sports event aims to enhance the harmonious relationship between mass sports and competitive sports, and to strive to create a better community through the power of sports. The theme is To Participate Equally, and To Advance Bravely. A wide range of sports events was offered, including track and field, bocce, basketball, football, badminton, roller skating, table tennis and weight lifting.

About Wen Zhang: I am an employee of Special Olympics in the East Asia region.

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