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ذو الحجة 22, 1433 | Europe Eurasia: Great Britain

Golf Champ

By Peter Kavanagh

Last year I started playing golf in Ennis Special Olympics golf club. Within 8 months, I have won one gold and silver medal in golf competitions for Ireland, which is just amazing stuff. My dream is to be in the next world game in L.A. playing golf for Ireland. I am 4th best in Ireland now I will get there

About Peter Kavanagh: I am 45 years old. Only in Special Olympics 18 months am best golfer and bowler in my clubs. Love dancing and having fun.

هل لديك قصة للمشاركة؟

اسرد لنا قصتك حتى نتمكن من نشرها ليراها الآخرون..


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