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декабря 04, 2012 | Asia Pacific: Bharat (India)

Bharat's first National Softball Championship

By Rati Misra

Vijay Ramakant Kerkar at the National Softball Championship in Rajasthan, India

Special Olympics Bharat’s Vijay Ramakant Kerkar played in the first National Softball Championship for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Rajasthan on 1-7 November. Vijay was introduced to the Special Olympics Bharat sports programme through his special school in Goa, and is a keen sportsperson, enjoying cricket and football. 16 States participated in the Games with 530 athletes (16 Male teams and 11 Female teams). Over 700 people came together to organize this event, lauded by Mr Jitender Singh, the newly appointed Minister for Sports in India, who resolved to promote disability games in the country to the best of his capacity.

About Rati Misra: Rati is the Resource Mobilisation Director for Special Olympics Bharat.

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