My Impressions of Opening Ceremony

Team Great Britain at the Opening Ceremony
This is going to sound really cheesy but the arena was full of so much love and joy; high fives were in abundance, big smiles all around, laughter, cheers and cuddles. I have never seen anything like it. You may know that Special Olympics is across the globe, but it’s only when you attend a World Games that you see how huge the movement is. This is surely the world’s biggest (and best) kept secret – how something so international, diverse, multi-cultural, inspiring, heart-warming and downright cool can happen without the world looking on is unbelievable. We used Great Britain pin badges to swap with other teams to build a collection and pin on our credentials passes. It’s a bit of a Special Olympics tradition and the team (and myself) had great fun approaching the other teams to swap badges. It was like being back in the school playground with soccer stickers! I also set up my own little challenge, to get as many photos of other Special Olympics’emblems. Please check out how I did!

About Me:

I am the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, Europe's leading legal and tax service provider and a proud sponsor of Special Olympics.