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janvier 31, 2013 | Africa: Benin

B.M. Kang scoring 1st Goal for Korean Special Olympics Floorball Team

By Merita Bruun

B.M. Kang

The Korean Special Olympics Floorball team has only trained floorball for approximately three months before the World Games, but the team is improving all the time. The first Korean goal was scored against Ireland yesterday and although the Irish team won the match 11-1 the whole Korean team was very happy about the opening goal and especially of course, the 19 year old goal scorer: "I was so happy to score the goal. I think floorball is very interesting sport and I am always very happy when I can play. The best thing in floorball is to score goals," said Kang.

About Merita Bruun: I am the Information Manager of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and also a member of the Special Olympics Floorball Resource Team.

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