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ربيع الأول 22, 1434 | East Asia: Korea

She wants to start a new SO program in New Guinea!

By Miguel Veloso

Sharing dinner with athletes I got to talk with the Papua New Guinea coach. She told me the delegation was only one athlete for snowshoeing, who got a participation ribbon. The girl was so happy and enthusiastic! Her mother, being at the games, got to know Special Olympics better, and wants to start a new program when going back to New Guinea. CONGRATULATIONS, I hope we get more athletes from New Guinea for Los Angeles 2015!

About Miguel Veloso: Global Family Leader for Latin America and father of a young man competing on floor hockey in Korea 2013. Meeting for the GFL summit at the games.

هل لديك قصة للمشاركة؟

اسرد لنا قصتك حتى نتمكن من نشرها ليراها الآخرون..


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