A Dream

Mr Kenn Brown from Mid Coast Special Olympics in Australia had a dream. Special Olympics NSW put out a call for a volunteer for someone to come forward and coach Snow Skiing and Kenn Brown volunteered some years ago. First of all it was opened for only NSW Special Olympians but Kenn knew in his heart that Victoria probably would have some interested athletes so Victoria and Queensland were invited to attend along with the NSW interested athletes and hence Special Olympics now had 3 states who were rearly to go and for the last 2/3 years this is how the Annual Ski Camps have functioned. Five athletes were selected to be the first Special Olympic Athletes to represent Australia at a World Games. These remarkable 5 athletics have won thus far 2 Gold,3 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals. Well done to the athletes themselves, their coaches, their parents but in particular I feel that Special Olympics Australia should recognise the dream Kenn Brown had all those years ago. Well done everyone.