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февраля 10, 2013 | Europe Eurasia: Germany

A family trip to South Korea

By Sonja Schmeißer

Steffi Wiegel, snowboarder and speaker for the athletes of the German delegation

Steffi Wiegel, snowboarder and speaker for the athletes of the German delegation, was happy that she got special support from her family during the 2013 World Winter Games in PyeongChang. For the Wiegel family these were not the first World Games they visited. The family members already visited the 2011 Summer Games in Athens where Stefanie participated as roller-skater. Steffi’s career at Special Olympics already started 2001 during the National Winter Games. At that time she was allowed the first time to participate as a 12 year old girl. Afterwards there were following appearances of her as a roller-skater at the Summer Games 2002 and 2004. Her father Dietmar thinks that Steffi has changed because of Special Olympics: “As Steffi came back home from a Special Olympics event she was altered. Her temper was very positive, she has more self-confidence and gleams from joy of life.” Her mother Petra complements: “Certainly she is physically fitter what helps her with the everyday work."

About Sonja Schmeißer: I am responsible for press for Special Olympics Germany.

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