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февраля 21, 2013 | Europe Eurasia: Italy

The most beautiful life experience

By GYAS Giovanna Sofia e Martina

At the Global Youth Summit during the 2013 World Games in PyeonChang, Team Italy met many athletes and some of them wanted to talk about their experiences. One of them is Danielle from Alabama, USA. He is 45 years old and arrived in South Korea for ice skating. He told us that in his 21 years of involvement in Special Olympics he has won more than 100 medals. In the end he confessed that her best experience with SO was undoubtedly one the world came to play in Korea.

About GYAS Giovanna Sofia e Martina: Giovanna, Sofia and Martina, we are participating in the Global Youth Activation Summit, and we are fully enjoying this extraordinary experience. It's really exciting. e stiamo vivendo pienamente questa straordinaria esperienza. È veramente emozionante.

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