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ربيع الثاني 22, 1434 | North America: Ohio

Autism and the R-Word

By Jeff Dietsch

Lately I have considered the R-Word to be hateful speech. Yet some people out there really do not care. In Ohio, you will find that the R-Word has been removed from all places where people with disabilities work and has been replaced with "Developmentally Disabled". I have been blessed by Special Olympics. I am thankful that I can be involved in team sports. Lately I have been involved in bowling and bocce ball. This year I have been in the skills events to eventually make my way to the team events (basketball and softball).

About Jeff Dietsch: I am partially independent of my parents (they help out with giving me helpful advice). I live by myself with a few friends. I enjoy traveling, Special Olympics, digital photography, and helping out my parents (dog sitting that type of thing).

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