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جمادى الأولى 27, 1434 | North America: Pennsylvania

My Life with Special Olympics

By alicia turner

I have been an athlete for 19 years and still enjoy the competions and fun with this wonderful organization. The best part of my experiences was when I came across seeing all friends from back when I was in school. I have always had a dream for my childhood friend that he would be a long distance runner and it finally has come true after all these years. I am so proud of him for who he has become as an athlete and torch runner. I am just so happy to see him shine just like I do as a soccer 11 on 11 player. He is my hero like I am his.

About alicia turner: I am 31yrs. old and love sports. Getting to meet other people when I get the chance to. I have always been an active person since I was 13 when or when I am not doing sports.

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