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جمادى الثانية 08, 1434 | Africa: Nigeria

"Special Olympics Nigeria Changed My Son’s Life"

By Karl Hejlik

Fifteen-year-old Muslin Alabaja is the fourth child of his family. He attends Wesley school for the hearing impaired in Surulere, Lagos and is a Special Olympic Nigeria athlete. His mother Mrs Abibat Alabaja credits Special Olympics with a profound transformation in the quality of life for her son. "Before Muslin joined Special Olympics, he used to be very shy, he kept to himself a lot. He didn’t mix up with people, including his siblings," she said. "When he joined Special Olympics, he became very agile and came out of his shell. He began to relate easily with people, and he made me proud."

About Karl Hejlik: Senior Manager, Health and Research Communications

هل لديك قصة للمشاركة؟

اسرد لنا قصتك حتى نتمكن من نشرها ليراها الآخرون..


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