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mai 20, 2013 | Europe Eurasia: Luxembourg

Luxembourg celebrates European Football Week by playing Unified

By Maureen Rabbitt

Special Olympics athletes played on the same team with young male and female players from a local football club

Special Olympics athletes from Luxembourg, France and Germany gathered together in the city of Luxembourg on Sunday, May 12th to compete in a unified football tournament as part of 2013 European Football Week. The Unified tournament represented exactly what EFW is about – the wider football community coming together to support inclusion in football for athletes with intellectual disabilities. The ink was hardly dry on a new agreement between SO Luxembourg and the football club of Luxembourg City RFCUL when they offered the tournament to take place on their facilities. In Group One, two German teams (Tier-Saarburg and Ebernach) finished in front with the Luxembourg Red team second and Merlebach from France as runner up. Group Two was a local affair with SOL-Violet coming first in front of SOL-Brown and SO Reuler. Medals were awarded by RFCUL Chairman Armand Drews. An agreement with the National Football Federation is also expected as well as EFW cooperation with professional clubs.

About Maureen Rabbitt: I am Communications & Brand Director for Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

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