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июня 19, 2013 | Latin America: Mexico

Evento de Integración ESEF y Olimpiadas Especiales

By Annie Barreiro

A great event took place at the premises of the School of Physical Education ESEF to mark the 70th anniversary of the Specialized Normal School (ENE). It was a chance for inclusion with staff, students and our athletes. There were over 80 athletes and signed all the privacy notice. The sports that took place were: Athletics 25 meters, assisted; Athletics 25-, 50-, and 100-meters;Athletics, 4 x 100 meter unified relay; Basketball; Volleyball unified. There was a beautiful dance where aside from dancing people with intellectual disabilities, there was a dance where they danced with their mothers. There was lunch, drinks and medals for all athletes. The awards and closing ceremonies gave the NEA director Ms. Leonora Patricia Arias Lozano The event was organized by Aydee Rodriguez and Gabriela Cabrera.

About Annie Barreiro: Gerente nacional de Desarrollo Institucional

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