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июля 17, 2013 | Europe Eurasia: Macedonia (FYR)

A bride shares her wedding day with Special Olympics

By Ana Petrovska

Ana Zafirova and friends at her wedding reception.

In five years as a volunteer for the Special Olympics National Program in FYR Macedonia, Ana Zafirova has been involved in helping establish contacts with the media, has raised money and has been Head of Delegation of the Athens World Games team. Her enthusiasm and dedication to Special Olympics athletes is boundless. In June 2013 Ana announced she was getting married to Polikarp Arsenovski and even then her thoughts remained close to the athletes on this most personal and intimate of occasions. On the beautiful wedding invitation she sent to guests was a message asking each guest to donate money to the Special Olympics Program instead of buying flowers for the wedding. Approximately $650 was raised and went toward sending a Special Olympics basketball team to a regional event in Turkey. Dear Ana, thank you for all your support and thank you for having a big heart. We hope you and your love for us reach the stars. Your friends from Special Olympics FYR Macedonia.

About Ana Petrovska: Ana Petrovska is National Director of Special Olympics Macedonia (FYR)

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