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июля 19, 2013 | Middle East North Africa: Egypt

Graduation of my son

By Mira Morsi MENA Global Family Leader 2011/2013

My son Omar had graduated from his school by the American diploma and he made a great effort to achieve the SAT EXAM and he is on his way to enter the university so I am telling his story to encourage all other mothers not to give up and always believe in your children and of course believe in God first of all.

About Mira Morsi MENA Global Family Leader 2011/2013: I am the Middle East North Africa Special Olympics Global Family leader for 2011-2013. I am the online administrator for MICE for EgyptAir. . My child Omar El Shenawy has an intellectual disability. I am a head OD of the Special Needs Committee in the Heliopolis Club for five years.

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