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My Special Olympics Story

My visiting card
Hi my name is Jasmine Sharif. I have been in Special Olympics Pakistan since 8 years and my sport is swimming. In 2007, I went to China for the World Summer Games and I won two gold medals for my country. In 2008, I joined the Athlete Leadership Program. In 2011, I attended the ALPS meeting in Singapore. My parents, my delegations, Tehmina Azim -- they all really encourage me a lot -- now I am preparing to go for the Asia Pacific Games to be held in Australia. I can't wait! And due to my hard work, I have been selected to the board and will be trying to become an International Global Messenger for Special Olympics. I am really loving it a lot. I ❤ my Special Olympics Pakistan

About Me:

My name is Jasmine Sharif. I am in the ALPs (athlete leadership program). Thank you Nassim aunty, Ronak aunty, Tehmina aunty, mommy. I ❤ you all