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juillet 30, 2013 | Latin America: Mexico

Veracruz Tennis Player Luiz Lopez

By Paola Martinelli

Luis López Medina, Mexican Tennis Player

Luis is a Mexican athlete lives in the state of Veracruz. He was diagnosed with mild form of intellectual disability - a type of encephalopathy. As a child he was active so his family and his uncle introduced him to sports which helped him to socialize and participate with enthusiasms. He had the opportunity to volunteer for the Red Cross, and has worked as a busboy, car washers, assistant quartermaster, and has learned to make pastries. In sports he  enjoyed many successes and has participated in athletics, football, tennis, and weightlifting in which he was the national champion during the Special Olympics Games in Hermosillo, Sonora in 2009. He began playing tennis since 2008 he loves the sport and never missing training. Luis father is dead; lives with her mother. He has brothers who live in Mexico City and USA. . Luis is an athlete selected to represent Mexico in the IV Pan American Tennis Tournament in Bolivia, in 2013.

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