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juillet 30, 2013 | Latin America: Mexico

Benigno Manuel Nogueira a Veracruzan at Heart

By Paola Martinelli

Manuel Benigno Nogueira Bouchez a Mexican Tennis Player

Manuel is an only child, with meningitis and psychomotor disability. These do not limit his development as a person and as an athlete. At a very young age, he has been treated and stimulated. He finished high school in 2004. Not only does he have critical thinking abilities, he is also a very thoughtful person. He has a very noble character, and he is very friendly and good a conversationalist. From a very young age he liked sports, and practiced swimming with his uncle. With Special Olympics, since 1990, he started competing in athletics and swimming and winning medals. In 1992 he won a medal silver in the National Games. He also trained for the triathlon. Currently, for about 4 years he has been practicing tennis. Manuel is an athlete with a lot of perseverance, he is disciplined, orderly, a sleepyhead, very honest. He is no loser, and always gives the best of himself. Without a doubt, he has acquired all these skills thanks to his family and his mother.

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