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октября 03, 2013 | Latin America: Honduras

Eunice Kennedy Shriver in Honduras

By Florencia Ruiz de Portillo

Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Florencia Soto Ruiz

After Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, we were visited by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She came to motivate our athletes to attend the World Games that will take place in North Carolina. She took a photo with athletes Florencia Soto Ruiz, Nahum Diaz and Jose Hernandez and wife of U.S. Ambassador to Honduras Gwen. Celebrate the day remembering that great woman who left us this legacy.

About Florencia Ruiz de Portillo: I have supported my daughter Sandra Soto Ruiz Florence, who has participated in four World Games: NC, Ireland, China and Greece in the sport of swimming, this has been very important to the life of my daughter and that of whole family.

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