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صفر 09, 1435 | Asia Pacific: Australia

Donna Does Her Best For Her Dad

By Alexandra Dickinson, Isabelle Ryder and Chloe William

Donna West celebrates her bronze medal and 6th place ribbon at the Athlete Village.

Donna West from Tasmania was the only member of her state to represent Australia at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games. Donna bravely competed in bocce at the Games and gave it her all to gain a bronze medal in her division. Donna insisted on competing dispute the recent loss of her father shortly before the Asia Pacific Games. Instead of deterring her she insisted that she ‘loved every minute’. Donna, who was a flag bearer in the Opening Ceremony , competed in her father's honour claiming that if he were here he would say, ‘I can’t believe my girl did so well.’ On the Games itself Donna said it's all about ‘being out there with your teammates", telling us that her experience holding the flag to represent Australia was ‘one of the best moments of her life.’

About Alexandra Dickinson, Isabelle Ryder and Chloe William: Team Australia volunteers at Special Olympiccs Asia Pacific Games and students at Ravenswood School for Girls, Sydney.

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