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ربيع الأول 21, 1435 | Latin America: Mexico

A Success Story

By Paola Martinelli

Coach Uriel with his students

My name is Juan Penaloza Uriel Lopez, and from an early age I had the chance to be introduced to the beautiful sport of tennis. Unfortunately it was not possible to devote time to it as a player because it was very expensive so I decided to dedicate myself as a trainer. l relocated to San Luis Potosi where my brother and I had the opportunity to become part of Special Olympics. I have the opportunity to learn from a group of athletes with intellectual disabilities who are always ready to continue training and improving. I bought the battery and help me think 2 times every time I say no puedo. Individual power workouts and unified training skills are very important since both groups benefit from them in their personal and social development and in a broader perspective how to live with people with intellectual disabilities .

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