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апреля 09, 2014 | Europe Eurasia: Hellas (Greece)

Special Olympics Hellas athletes bike for peace and development

By Joanna Despotopoulou

Special Olympics Hellas bikers took to the streets of Athens on 6 April.

Hundreds of Special Olympics Hellas (Greece) athletes and partners, among thousands of Athenians, participated in the Athens Tour by Bike which was organized on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April 2014. The start of the event was given by the Mayor of Athens Mr George Kaminis while participants were cheered enthusiastically by thousands of citizens who filled the streets of Athens. The message of the day was stressed that events such as the bike tour provide the most opportunity for creating positive environments and ensuring that young people particularly those with intellectual disabilities, become part of the social fabric of the community.

About Joanna Despotopoulou: Joanna Despotopoulou is president of Special Olympics Hellas.

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