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14th Special Olympics World Summer Games Closes With Celebrations

On August 2, the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games Closing Ceremony concluded at Los Angeles Coliseum. It was the world's largest sports and humanitarian event this year. A total of 413 athletes from the East Asia Region headed to Los Angeles, participating in 16 major sport items. All of them played tenaciously and achieved excellent results, gathering in the arena to show their confidence, skills and courage to the world and to share the joy of movement.

SOEA council member Dr. Shi Derong, Pan Shiyi, Philip Sohmen, Mr. Ma Guoli, Mr. Robert Shi, Special Olympics Global Ambassador Hidetoshi Nakata, Special Olympics China Ambassador Liu Tao and Special Olympics Brazil Ambassador Cafu also joined the Games in Los Angeles as SOEA’s Honored Guests, and experienced the Games with our athletes on and off the competition fields. Around 60 journalists were mobilized from all 6 regional Programs to cover the delegations and report on the Games. CCTV of China and took the Opening Ceremony feed from ESPN to promote the Games in their domestic markets.

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