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شعبان 29, 1434 | North America: Arizona

Arizona and Belize: The Power of Collaboration

By Special Olympics North America

Pictured, Top L-R: Dihanna Usher, Brianny Flowers, Austin Rector, Jamal Cherrington, Kevin McGee, Jesse McGirl. Bottom, L-R: Marlon Rodriguez, Jackie Sager, Roxanne Johnson.

Special Olympics Arizona has partnered with Special Olympics Belize - as part of a Special Olympics North America collaboration and mentoring initiative - and their first major project was to host Belize's first-ever Special Olympics Camp Shriver! Arizona staff, volunteers and athletes traveled to Belize to work with local athletes, volunteers and leadership. More than 200 athletes and partners, 32 coaches, and 23 Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) officers from Belize participated in the Camp. The Camp kicked off with a 12-mile LETR Torch Run in which both Special Olympics Belize and Special Olympics Arizona athletes and volunteers participated, as part of an effort to build interest for the burgeoning LETR program in Belize.  Arizona staff member Krista Sanchez said "What we found were Belizean youth, tremendously motivated to make a difference in their country and promote a philosophy of inclusion. I think Bill Barber (Special Olympics Arizona athlete) said it best when he stated on the ride back to the hotel, 'We made history today.'"

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