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A Community Comes Together in the Philippines

On July 12-13, Vigan City hosted their first Special Olympics competition. The competition was a collaborative effort between Special Olympics, US Peace Corps, and Vigan City with exceptional support provided by Mayor Eva S. Medina. The event started off with a mass at the local community center and was followed by a motorcade through the streets of the city assuring no one would miss the arrival of Special Olympics Vigan! The first brutally hot day was the Athletics running competition. For all of our athletes this was their very first time competing. The sheer enthusiasm and energy emanated from our kids! Alongside our talented athletes, community parents and Peace Corps Volunteers who came from all over the country, worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. Day 2 began with a thunderstorm but continued on without a hitch. That day the kids enjoyed various games, relays, and dancing. Kaye Samson, Special Olympics Philippines National Executive Director, said, "I saw UNITY during the event".