May 09, 2014 | North America: North Carolina

A "Wonder Year" In Her Life

By Amie Dugan

Erin Gilmore is in the midst of what her parents call "a wonder year" in her life. She will compete in the Special Olympic USA Games in New Jersey in June. She will swim in three different events in June - the freestyle, the breast stroke, and the butterfly. Erin says she loves everything about swimming, and her parents say that Special Olympics has been a hugely positive influence on her life. "It's maybe the biggest thing," says Barbara Gilmore, Erin's mom. "I'm so glad she has a wonder year like this, because you never know." Life has had it's ups and downs for Erin. There have been moments that weren't easy. But she's overcome those times, to be, as her dad puts it, "on top of her own little world."

About Amie Dugan: Special Olympics North America staff

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