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My fav person of Special Olympics Pakistan

Tehmina aunty and us athletes
Hi my name is Jasmine Sharif and I am a Special Olympics Pakistan athlete since the year 2005. In the past few years a new family member joined Special Olympics Pakistan. Her name is Tehmina Asim. Tehmina's son's name is Asim. Asim is in swimming. He is a good swimmer. All of us athletes like Tehmina aunty. She is very hard working to everyone, especially to me and my fellow athletes. I think that she should become our swim coach. She knows about everything, She is also good at cheering me up when ever I am down. She is one of my 3 favorite role models. 1 is Ronak aunty, and 2 is Nassim aunty. I love them so much. I love working in the Special Olympics Pakistan Office.

About Me:

My name is Jasmine Sharif. I am a BoardMember thanks to Ronak aunty and Nassim aunty.