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Pesé and Chitré Qualify for Unified Football Cup

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Two of the four positions in the quarterfinal of the II Unified Football Cup, the Digicel Cup, are already occupied by Pesé and Chitre teams, who occupied the first two qualifying positions of Zone B (teams from the countryside) during the games played on 3rd and 4th of August in Penonomé. Both Pesé and Chitre closed the scoreboard with eight points each. However, due to goal difference Pesé took home the gold medal and Chitre the silver. Pesé managed to score 13 goals in two games and Chitré scored seven. The bronze medal went to Chiriqui and the fourth and fifth place ribbons were given to Veraguas and Cocle respectively. The two ranked teams will meet again on August 31 with the two teams that qualify in the preliminary Pool A (teams from the capital) to compete for the Digicel Cup.

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