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The “Excellence in Sports” Ceremony in Israel

The “Excellence in Sports” Ceremony in Israel was held at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in conjunction with the Toto. Honorary awards were bestowed upon outstanding athletes in Israel sports, at a grand and impressive ceremony. Three Special Olympics Israel athletes, Ophir Avishai, Shani Dagan and Meir Abramov were afforded a great tribute when the prize was awarded to them, to the thunderous and prolonged applause of the audience attending the ceremony. It would be prudent to note that although the award was actually bestowed upon the three athletes, from our point of view and from the point of view of the organizers of the ceremony, the award was bestowed upon the thousands of Special Olympics Israel athletes who train throughout the year and put in time and effort despite the numerous limitations and difficulties that they face. One athlete was selected in each category out of several candidates. In light of the credo of the Special Olympics organization, whereby each athlete is entitled to a medal for participating, the Judges Committee decided to adhere to this principle and bestow the award in the Special Olympics Category to all three candidates. This was a fair and honorable decision of the Judges Committee. It was very dignified and emotional to see and hear the accolade and appreciation bestowed upon the Special Olympic athletes and, for this, we thank all the organizers of this respectable and eminent event.

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