Proud Mom

For Kerry Hincka, P&G video vividly recalls some dark days, but also the brighter future her whole family has found through Special Olympics

Proving Them Wrong

P&G's video features Molly, but mom Kerry says it's really about Special Olympics athletes all over the world, "showcasing what odds they have overcome and their never-give-up spirit.” 

Kerry Hincka admits to getting misty-eyed when she sees the P&G video starring her daughter, Molly. She recalls those devastating early days when doctors said Molly would never walk or talk. But now, more than a little pride wells up with the joy, when Kerry thinks back on how -- through hard work and persistence -- Molly has proved those grim predictions all wrong.

"This video recognizes all the incredible Special Olympics athletes all over the world, who Molly represents -- showcasing what odds they have overcome and their never-give-up spirit," says Kerry.

Distance Runner and Public Speaker

These days, Molly isn't just walking - she's running: the 3,000-meter, the 5,000-meter, half-marathons and also recently completed her first 26.2-mile marathon. 

And yes, Molly is talking - to as many people as she can in her role as a Special Olympics Global Messenger, speaking to college and civic groups.

Kerry credits Special Olympics with giving Molly training and confidence to succeed - to set goals for herself, meet them, even exceed them. 

Molly started with Special Olympics at age 8 and has been involved in basketball, soccer, poly-hockey and of course, track. 

Donate Through June 1

P&G is excited about the opportunity to share Kerry and Molly's story for Mother's Day - and also help raise awareness for Special Olympics in a creative way. "Kerry and Molly are such an inspiring mom and daughter, and beautifully demonstrate not only that Special Olympics athletes succeed, but also that a mother's love never gives up," says Jodi Allen, vice president of North American Marketing and Brand Operations at P&G.  Through June 1, P&G is supporting Special Olympics by matching consumer donations to up to $200,000.

The Secret to Molly's Success

Molly is a Special Olympics track star and recently completed her first marathon. That's not what doctors predicted -- as her mom recalls in the P&G video. 

"We feel that all of the confidence and positivity that she gets from Special Olympics translates to her other life activities, and is the secret to her success," Kerry says.

Special Olympics has also been a great boost for Molly's younger daughter, Charlotte, whose diagnosis came as a surprise. 

"Raising children with intellectual disabilities is very challenging. After we learned of Molly's disabilities, we went to genetic counseling. They told us that it was not a genetic issue, " says Kerry. "After we had Charlotte and we started to notice similar delays, we were devastated." 

We Have Learned A Lot From Molly

With two Special Olympics athletes in the family, there's plenty to cheer about. From left, Molly, mom Kerry, Charlotte, brother Danny, and dad Jerry.

She said it was tough breaking the news to their extended family that Charlotte also had disabilities. But their experience raising one child with ID helped them with their second. "I had learned a lot from getting early intervention services for Molly, so we got right to work for Charlotte!"

Like many sisters, Molly and Charlotte have different personalities, but Special Olympics offers sports and events that can match their separate interests. In addition to having ID, Charlotte is on the autism spectrum, so prefers more order and quiet than Molly. Golf is a great fit for her, but she also enjoys basketball - especially the team coached by their dad, Jerry.

Both Kerry and Jerry coach - and Jerry is organizing a unified golf day this spring with the local Knights of Columbus. Their other two children have also gotten involved coaching or fund-raising. Says Kerry, "This wonderful organization brings our family together while allowing each person to thrive."

Making Mother's Day Special

As for Mother's Day, the Hincka family enjoyed a day full of sports. "Molly can't bike, so she and I went for a run, and the rest of the family biked." Then they all made a special stop for ice cream. No matter what, Kerry says,  "When you are blessed with four beautiful children, every day is Mother's Day!"