My Daughter Hanah

We enjoy the many letters and emails from Special Olympics families, thanking us for making such a big difference in the lives of their loved ones. One of these letters in particular — from Bethany Mikulis, whose daughter Hanah is a Special Olympics athlete — exemplifies what Special Olympics is all about.

Letter From Hanah's Mother

Bethany Mikulis with her daughter Hanah who is proudly showing off her medals. Please donate in Hanah’s honor and give one more person a chance to train and complete.

“Here is a photo of my daughter Hanah as a thank-you for all you do. 

When Hanah was first diagnosed with Trisomy 8, we slowly found out what this would mean. Hanah went from one health issue to another, with epilepsy and osteoporosis being her biggest challenges. Special Olympics is the only sports venue that her orthopedist will allow her to participate in. 

At Special Olympics, Hanah – and all the athletes – can celebrate being themselves. Hanah knows she’s different, and I think she can feel it, but she doesn’t have to think about it at Special Olympics.

And even though she doesn’t pick up on social cues easily, Special Olympics gives her a place where she can relax. Everyone is pretty much like her. If they are mad, they say they are mad, and if they are happy, they say they are happy.

Special Olympics provides a place where all the athletes can shine…they get to come to this one place and play a game where everyone is cheering them on, and at the end they might get a ribbon or a medal. They get a golden minute in their lifetime!

Thank you so much. We already have memories that will last a lifetime and seeing so many adult athletes helps alleviate fears for me about Hanah’s future."

Bethany Mikulis
Mother of Special Olympics athlete Hanah Mikulis-Laviano