Swimming Champ Appointed as SO Egypt’s National Director

 Special Olympics Egypt, chaired by Ashraf Gamal Abo Al Azayem, has recently appointed Egypt’s long and short distance swimming champion Amal Mubadda as National Director of SO Egypt.
Mubadda won a number of long and short distance swimming championships at the national and university levels.

Regional President Ayman Abdel Wahab & Amal Mubadda during the Meeting

 The recruitment of Mubadda seems to have already marked the first step for the Central Specialized Federation for Intellectual Disabilities “CSFID” to officially launch its activities in serving the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, after obtaining the accreditation of SOI.
SOMENA regional office has recently convened an extensive meeting, presided by Regional President& Managing Director  Ayman Abdel Wahab, to introduce the SO Egypt’s newly appointed National Director to the regional staff body.
Following the meeting in SOMENA headquarters, a second meeting was held at the SO Egypt’s premises between National Director Amal Mubadda, coaches and other key constituents of the program.
Regional President Abdel Wahab has described the appointment of a former sports champion to assume the National Director’s responsibilities as a considerable move on the course of achieving an outstanding leap in the SO Egypt’s performance.
Abdel Wahab further highlighted the new board of the programs as elected by civic bodies that have always worked closely with individuals with intellectual disabilities and accordingly must have gained quite an outstanding experience in the field.
Commending the persevered spirit of achievement he has personally touched in Mubadda, Abdel wahab expressed his strong belief she would accelerate the program’s momentum.
On another note, the SOMENA top official has stated that while the scores of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Egypt have recently reached 3 million, the SO Egypt still involves no more than 25 thousand athletes in accordance with 2010 athletes’ census in this concern. Over this fact, he expressed hope that by late 2015 the scores of athletes enlisted in the program would reach 50 thousand.
Abdel Wahab concluded his statement asserting the Regional Presidency’s intention to invest its utmost potentials in providing the SO Egypt with full support in a manner that would help it attain to a pioneering status, thus setting an exceptional worth-following example among the world’s 183 SO programs.