Basketball Competitions in Hubei

The 2011 Special Olympics China National Basketball Competition and Special Olympics East Asia Basketball Competition opened on November 7th 2011 in Hubei, China.

Athletes from Across China

Three Healthy Athletes programs including Special Smiles, Opening Eyes and Health Promotion were conducted during the competitions.

Hubei, China- Twenty delegations with over 300 Special Olympics athletes and coaches from sixteen provinces of China, and Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese Taipei and Korea, participated in the competitions that ran for four days. And more than sixty student volunteers from Hubei University and Hubei Sport School provided voluntary services for the competitions.

The Basketball Competition consisted of two events, team competition and individual skill contest. 5-on-5 competition for male and 3-on-3 competition for female wereconducted for team competition. Individual skill contests which were conducted included target pass, ten-meter dribble and spot shot for both male and female athletes. Besides competitions, the organizing committee also served all athletes with intellectual disabilities by offering free health screenings and health information. Three Healthy Athletes programs including Special Smiles, Opening Eyes and Health Promotion were conducted during the competitions. Meanwhile, they also presented healthy gifts to the Special Olympics athletes.

Unified Basketball

As part of the event, an Unified Basketball Competition sponsored by Laureus Sport for Good Foundation was offered to athletes with intellectual disabilities and their partners on the last day of the event, providing an opportunity for Special Olympics athletes and their partners without intellectual disability to play together on Unified Sports teams. Special Olympics Unified Sports™ is a moving and exciting initiative with registered trademark for higher ability athletes of all ages, from youth to adults. Mixed teams provide the public direct opportunities to experience first-hand the capabilities and courage of Special Olympics athletes. By having fun together, Unified Sports athletes and partners improve their physical fitness, sharpen their skills,challenge the competition and help to overcome prejudices about intellectual disability.

The Basketball Competition is the largest sport event in the region of East Asia in the year of 2011 and it is also the largest basketball competition with a largest number of participants up to now in East Asia region. The competition is good to promote communications and cooperation among all five programs of East Asia, and to improve the development of basketball in the region, so as to mobilize more and more people with intellectual disabilities to participate in Special Olympics movement to share and experience joy. Meanwhile, it is also playing an important role on promoting the development of Special Olympics movement in East Asia region.