Special Olympics Wins Global Award

Special Olympics joins President Bill Clinton in winning a prestigious award for its outstanding contribution to the promotion of global understanding through Sport

Enhancing Sport in Dialogue

(l-r) Dr. Walter Schwimmer CGDC, Oliver Sodeik (back) Special Olympics, Christian Hofer Special Olympics Athlete Austria, Isabella Czele Special Olympics Athlete Austria, Hermann Kroll, Special Olympics Austria. Click on photo above to see more images.

The founders of the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation based in Vienna honour individuals and organizations internationally which have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of global understanding and dialogue. The winners have been selected from the fields of sport, music, global politics, inter-cultural understanding and social entrepreneurship.

Special Olympics won the Award in the Enhancing Sport in Dialogue category.

"This Award recognises the many achievements of Special Olympics in helping to change attitudes and promote dialogue to empower a neglected population - people with intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to build a more civil and inclusive society one athlete and one attitude at a time through sport. The support and recognition of the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation is a significant step in helping Special Olympics achieve our goals," Mary Davis, Regional President Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia.

"We are honored to receive the distinguished ‘Enhancing Sport in Dialogue’ Award from the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CGDC). Receiving this honour alongside such notable recipients as President Bill Clinton, Mr. Karpov, Professor Yunus and the Scorpions speaks to the power of Special Olympics. The CGDC’S recognition of sport as a universal catalyst for social change will encourage more people to engage in the necessary dialogue about creating a worldwide community of understanding, respect, and acceptance for all people,” stated Dr. Timothy P. Shriver, Chairman & CEO Special Olympics International.


President Bill Clinton winner of Award for 'Enhancing Mutual Understanding and Dialogue amongst Diverse People' meeting Special Olympics Austria Isabella Czele.

The winners’ awards are designed by Lubomir Zografov, a young Bulgarian artist from Sofia. The artist designed the CGDC AWARD to reflect the celebratory nature of the occasion and an appreciation of the universal service of those honored.

Award Winners:

President Bill Clinton
“Enhancing Mutual Understanding and Dialogue amongst diverse people"

Special Olympics
"Enhancing Sport in Dialogue"

Mr. Anatoly Karpov
"Enhancing Intercultural Dialogue"

Professor Muhammad Yunus
“Enhancing Social Business Dialogue"

“Music in Dialogue”

Watch awards ceremony video here

About the CGDC:

The Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation is a politically independent, international Non-Governmental Organization which fosters dialogue between business and politics to create international standards in transparency. The CGDC has its headquarters in Vienna. Its President is currently His Excellency, Petar Stoyanov, (President of Bulgaria, 1997-2002), who is supported by Mr. Stamen Stantchev, CGDC Founder and Secretary General and oil and gas entrepreneur from Bulgaria. Walter Schwimmer, former Secretary General to the Council of Europe 1999‐2004; Werner Fasslabend, Former Defence Secretary of Austria; and the international property developer Etienne Declercq. His Excellency Petar Stoyanov is the current CGDC President.

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