Remembering Special Olympic athlete Xu Chuang

Xu Chuang graduated from Shanghai's Shangnan Special Needs School and is known for his sunny disposition.Born in 1987, he has suffered from phenylketonuria (PKU) from early childhood. In 1994, he first came into contact with and participated in Special Olympic sports and activities and became a special Olympic athlete.

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Xu Chuang says himself that he used to be unwilling to speak, had a poor memory and bad coordination, and had trouble taking in new information.Despite this, he still had a passion for sports and particularly liked tablet tennis, track and field, football and tennis.His determination to keep fighting and not rest until he had achieved his goals earned him well-deserved praise.His love of sports and dedication to practice and training are already an indispensable part of his everyday life.This commitment to and love for sports and the Special Olympics has enabled Xu Chuang to achieve success that ordinary people – including Xu Chuang himself – could never have dreamed of. In October 1998, Xu Chuang dribbled his way to a basketball bronze medal at the Special Olympics in Shanghai.In October 1999, he won the youth doubles gold medal and singles silver medal in table tennis at the 5th Special Olympics Shanghai Games; he also won the 100m gold and 50m silver in the track and field youth group. Xu Chuang won a number of medals at the 2nd Disabled Games in Shanghai's Pudong New Area:first place for table tennis in the mentally handicapped youth group, gold for the men's 4x100m relay, and silver in the 100m youth group.At the 3rd Special Summer Olympics China National Games in 2002, he participated as a reporter for the Global Youth Summit and successfully presented a forum on Special Olympic Families.In June 2003, Xu Chuang participated in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Ireland as a member of the Chinese delegation, as well as representing the Chinese Special Olympic Team by carrying the Olympic torch into the stadium at the opening ceremony.He and his teammates in the China Special Olympic Football Team went on to win second place.In October 2004, he traveled to the United States to receive training as a Special Olympic Global Messenger.Xu Chuang traveled to Japan and Panama in March and June 2005 to participate in publicity events for the Special Olympics, where he met a number of heads of state. In July 2006, Xu Chuang attended the 85th birthday banquet for Mrs Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a dinner event hosted by President Bush and the First Lady. While undergoing daily sports training and attending a variety of events as a Global Messenger for the International Special Olympics between 2004 and 2006, Xu Chuang also went to ordinary schools to talk to able-bodied people of his own age, as well as visiting communities and giving talks at old people's homes, where he shared his joy and success in participating in the Special Olympics with even more people.As the 2007 World Summer Special Olympics Games approached, Xu Chuang threw himself into personal training and group training in the hope of once again obtaining outstanding results in the Games,as well as fulfilling his own dreams and those of the people who supported and helped him– not to mention making the world applaud the efforts of mentally handicapped people everywhere!