A Special Olympics Stage for Qiao Meili

She is a smart girl who comes across more like an adult than a child. She is hardworking and does her best at everything she does. She is ambitious and wouldn't cry, even if she had to face even greater hardships.She is Qiao Meili, a student at Lujiazui Special School.

The courage to try and give yourself a chance to blossom

Qiao Meili is 16 years old.She used to be a timid, introverted little girl who was afraid to talk to people. She would rarely smile.

As a young person with intellectual disabilities, Qiao Meili had many struggles in school. But a few years ago, with the help of a teacher, she got involved in Special Olympics gymnastics. During those years, muscular coordination and balance were hard for her. Those early gymnastics team training sessions became a new struggle for young Qiao Meili. Success seemed to be a very distant prospect.

As the struggles continued, her parents thought about letting Qiao Meili give up gymnastics completely. But their daughter had a different point of view. This young lady told her parents something that surprised them: "Even if it gets harder, I still want to train. Even if I don't succeed, I want to train." Perhaps it was because of this stubbornness, this lack of fear of hardship, that Qiao Meili was able to constantly challenge herself and have the courage to keep trying, regardless of success or failure.

By constantly doing her best, Qiao Meili eventually got a chance to blossom. Though she did not win gymnastics medals, the difficult training was character-building. The class, along with her focus on athletic improvement, also helped her improve her social skills. Qiao Meili's life and outlook were expanding -- and no longer was she stuck in her own little world. The sudden progress that she made stunned her teachers and her parents alike.

After much struggle, Qiao Meili was selected to attend the Special Olympics World Games. The news spread through her school like wildfire, and everyone gave her their heartfelt best wishes.Qiao Meili's smile grew even wider.

Ever since, she has become a real star in everyone's eyes. She has traveled to Special Olympics events in Beijing and Shanghai. She also attended a world youth summit meeting in Nagano, Japan, and was given the chance to talk to former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Qiao Meili has been leaving a magnificent mark on the Special Olympics stage, and has also beeen


but has also written a beautiful new chapter in her own life.Qiao Meili's father has suffered from poor health for many years, but the whole family of three depended on his meager income to make ends meet, and therefore lived in very challenging circumstances.However, despite this, Qiao Meili has never lost her sense of concern for the wider group, collective and community. Once, several of the boys in her class broke the broom, dustpan and brush in the c
All children are precious jewels in their teachers' hands, but Qiao Meili's teachers wish her the greatest of success from the bottom of their hearts, so that she can continue to strive for the top. Working hand in hand with all Special Olympics athletes, the sky's the limit!