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On September 22, 2012, of this year we held Sports Games for People with Intellectual Disabilities organized by Mr. Israel Ramirez Mosqueda, Head of the Department for the promotion of Community Sports in Gustavo A. Madero in coordination with the Special Olympics Sub City. This event was in honor of EKS Day celebration. During the opening ceremony, after taking the athletes pledge with the judges, a tribute was paid to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, where it was mentioned that thanks to her initiative, Special Olympics is the world's largest program for people with intellectual disability which has very significant presence in Mexico. Several clubs like Armando Angeles (football and athletics) Beautiful People (football and athletics) IGZA Newts (Swimming) Club, JEI (Swimming), Kintum (Swimming), YMCA (Soccer), Roadrunner (Athletics) and other clubs present at the GAM joined ranks in this beautiful sport partnership. Awards were given by the Assistant Director of Sports Promotion and by Mr. Israel Ramirez. We boarded the GAM bus and moved to Deportivo Los Hermanos Galeana, where the event took place. Some competitions were held in the name unified sports with athletes demonstrating tremendous ability. For the sports authorities and judges who for the first time were attending an event for athletes with intellectual disabilities, it was a wonderful experience to see the performance of our athletes. They offered their facilities for future events as well as opened their doors in all sports for training and recruitment of new athletes. For all this celebration was a pleasant experience .

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Mother of an athlete with intellectual disability