SO Bahrain: “Special Olympics… in support of our SO athletes!”

Targeting volunteers, Special Olympics Bahrain held a conference, entitled “Special Olympics… in support of our SO athletes!”. The aim is to introduce 60 university students, from different specialties to SO mission and SOB broad range of activities.

Sharing Experiences

R-Word Campaign

Students expressed their willingness to support SOB sports and non sports programs and filled out a volunteer form for that purpose. SO athletes Jasem Mourad and Yasmine Fikri shared their experiences, achievements and stressed the impact of volunteers on their lives. A video is forecasted, summarizing SOB events and filming the path of an SOB athlete as a leader, since his enrollment in the program until becoming member of SOB board. “What SOB athletes have achieved so far is an honor to the Kingdom of Bahrain, we wish them steady progress and will always back them up.” (one of the volunteers saying). Finally, the youth committee introduced students to the r-word campaign, inviting them to pledge the elimination of the derogatory use of the word "retarded" from everyday speech and change it with respect.