New Regional Messengers and Family Leaders!


 On January 21st, Special Olympics East Asia announced the new class of Special Olympics Regional Messengers and Family Leaders for 2014‐2015, which consisted of 6 outstanding athletes and 6 extraordinary family members who have proven themselves to be excellent participants of Special Olympics, and are willing to make a bigger impact of the movement in the years to come.

During their term of service, responsibilities for being a regional messenger will include: working with Special Olympics Regional Office and Programs to promote Athlete Leadership Programs; presenting as the ambassador/spokesperson at various Special Olympics events on local, national and regional levels; communicating or sharing progress reports; posting personal stories and accomplishments on social media network such as Facebook, QQ etc.

 As a family leader, the scope of service will include: working with Special Olympics Regional Office and Programs to promote Family and Young Athletes programs; presenting at regional conferences and workshops; communicating or sharing progress reports; submitting stories for online newsletters etc.

Special Olympics East Asia President & Managing Director Ms. Mary Gu congratulated the twelve individuals newly appointed and expressed, "It was such a pleasant experience to see the potential and growth of each athlete, as well as the optimism and sharing spirit of family members during the nomination process. Besides, we also want to take this opportunity to thank all Programs, without your efforts, we couldn’t have had the selection this smooth, and more importantly, we couldn’t have had such remarkable achievements in athlete leadership development and family network expansion."