Small acts of advocacy make a difference

Andrea and Kaitlyn
Andrea and Kaitlyn
One of my summer interns, Kaitlyn Smith, told me this today: "During my internship I did some research to expand my knowledge on how to ensure that a wide variety of individuals could understand the information in my presentations (whether that would be including pictures, etc.). About a week ago my sister and I were at a Mongolian restaurant eating dinner. When I went to use the restroom, the sign for the women's restroom said "Mongals", and the men's was "Monguys." Although this was creative in support of the theme of the restaurant, thanks to the research I did this summer about universal design, I knew it was not accessible at all. So I contacted the manager, and he just got back to me today and was really grateful to have it brought to his attention. He told me that he took it upon himself to put up universal restroom signs today, and wants me to come down for a meal on him so I can see the new signs. I would not have thought twice about the sign if it wasn't for the research I did, so thanks for suggesting the research! You helped a restroom become more accessible." I'd say it was Kaitlyn who made it happen.

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I am at Special Olympics working on Project UNIFY with passionate and dedicated young leaders who strive to make their communities and schools more welcoming and inclusive.


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